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Counterattack: Necrophos/Bristleback and Spectre Ability Builds

Defense of the Patience – A Dota 2 Podcast

Cyphus and Roland tackle this week’s round of Counterattack with the OP Necrophos and the kinda-P’d Bristleback…or something.  Find out what led to those heroes being counterpicks, how the game went, and how the duo interpret the stats surrounding those two heroes.  Are they just OP, or were they legitimate counters?  They also read a listener email concerning Spectre ability builds and whether the max dagger build is truly the way to go based on stats?  All this and more in the latest episode of the Dota 2 podcast!

Counterattack: Spectre/Treant

Defense of the Patience – A Dota 2 Podcast

Cyphus and Roland tackle another round of Counterattack, the show where we force ourselves to play the best hero for every episode as determined by pure statistical counterpicking.  This week, we counterattack the enemy team with Spectre and Treant Protector versus an Axe, Mirana, Riki, Bloodseeker and Faceless Void.  Find out how they did, what they think the strengths and weaknesses were of their heroes versus the enemy team’s lineup, and more!  All this on the latest episode of the Dota 2 podcast.

Proudland: Power Spikes Part I

Defense of the Patience – A Dota 2Podcast

This week on Proudland a schedule change announcement is made, while Roland and Proud finish up discussion on the previous weeks mid talks. Power spikes are the topic of this show, while they discuss Luna and Spectre in the one position, and Rubick and Crystal Maiden in the five position. Proudland is moving to Monday’s, so be sure to check out the second half of this Dota 2 podcast.

Proudland: Safety First in the Safest Lane

Defense of the Patience – A Dota 2 Podcast

This week on Proudland, Proud and Roland try to understand the difference in win-rate between radiant and dire before delving in to a safe-lane discussion. Once they find their way to the inevitable, some insight is found in to why being a position 1 player in Dota 2 feels so much different. This and more on Proudland a Dota 2 Podcast.

Morphling OP GGWP Report Dota 2

Defense of the Patience – A Dota 2 Podcast

This is the story of a Dota 2 podcast, told week to week, about two dudes, who spam Lycan, run Warlock mid, pocket strat pick Techies/Spectre, and do other dumb things in Dota 2.  Forgive us Sarah Koenig.  Forgive us.  All this and more on the latest edition of the Dota 2 podcast.