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Theorycraft Thursday: Lycan/Centaur

Defense of the Patience – A Dota 2 Podcast

Another round of Theorycraft Thursday is coming at ya.  This week, Proud and Ursinity are taking Lycan and Centaur to the lanes.  Find out how they’re running the duo, where, what they’re building and what they’re skilling.  All this and more on the Dota 2 theorycraft podcast!

DotP Q&A: D&D = Dota 2 & Dragons

Defense of the Patience – A Dota 2 Podcast

Ursinity and Roland tackle another round of Good or Garbage submitted by a listener as well as a round of Dota 2 questions from live call-ins and write-in questions alike!  Topics include: NA v EU server skills, top 5 generic support items, when to “smurf” to re-calibrate your MMR, show hosts’ experience with Dungeons & Dragons, carrying your way out of the gutter and much, much more!  Check it all out on the Dota 2 Q&A podcast!

DotP Roundtable: Heroes We’re Struggling w/ in Dota 2

Defense of the Patience – A Dota 2 Podcast

Cyphus, Wazoo, Ursinity and Flubb sit down for a talk about the heroes they’ve been struggling with lately in Dota 2.  They tackle what they could be doing better, how to build them and strategies for success.  Heroes include: Mirana, Luna and Juggernaut.  Tune in to get some insights into this latest batch of heroes the DotP show hosts are struggling to make successful in the current meta!