Team Rosters

DotP Devils

dvlsThe DotP Devils have shown repeated success in their amateur play. Defense of the Patience is always proud to see these five gentlemen coordinate, and get their carry farmed!


  • Kyry – Middle 
  • DreadBeats – Offlane/Jungle
  • Nox – Carry
  • Kimbrelllllll –  Support – Captain
  • Gingakei –  Support


Hakuna Mirana (HAM)

hakuna Mirana

These fine ladies and gentlemen are here to restore glory to Defense of the Patience. They are entering heroic league, and heroic they are. You may recognize a few names on the list, but all are equals, and prosper they will. –Yoda


  • The First Panda – Offlane/Support
  • Sultan TheSlayer – Support
  • Troia – Support/Mid/Carry
  • Ursinity – Mid/Support
  • Flubb – Offlane/Support
  • Fafnir – Stand-in





The DotP-est, of DotP! These fine ladies and gentlemen do a great job, not only in play, but also in their original gangster status. We are proud to see this collection of great individuals battling together! Good luck and Godspeed 5eva!


  • Hatakemaara – Support
  • N4melessN00b – Support
  • Jekyll – Carry/Mid
  • Captain Silverfox – Carry/Mid
  • Gushi – Offlane